Home Insurance Has Changed - Are You Ready?

Do you Know the Cost to Rebuild Your House?

Consult a Professional Qualified Chartered and Registered Quantity Surveyor

Afforable packages to suit everyone - Dont rely on the Default Sum Insured.

Whats the Cost to rebuild my house?

Professional Quantity Surveyors can assist you in determining your rebuild value (insurance valuation) to mitigate the risk of your home being underinsured in the event of a total loss. The 14th November Kaikoura earthquakes are a reminder that the amount your insured for is very important.

Are you ready to deal with your home sum insured issues?
Whats the cost to rebuild my house?

Has your insurer provided you the right home sum insured value?


We offer a range of options to help homeowners, property managers, commercial owners and the like through the process of ensuring you are ready for dealing with telling your insurer how much your asset will cost to rebuild. This has been standard in the commercial sector, but for residential homeowners the shift to the Home Sum Insured cap, has left many homeowners either unaware, confused and unsure about what to do. Obtaining the correct advice from a qualified professional has been highlighted in media programmes such as Fair Go and Campbell Live. Cambell Live’s media programme specifically recommended seeking advice from members of the RICS. We have over twenty five years experience in estimating construction costs on some of the worlds largest and complex projects as well as multiple residential and commercial properties across Canterbury, ranging from single garage units to multi million dollar homes. 


Home Sum Insured is a division of Aotearoa Quantity Surveying Limited, whose Principal, Paul Bishop, is a full professional member of the RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors), the worlds leading property professionals organisation, Paul is also a Registered Quantity Surveyor with the New Zealand Institute of Quantity Surveyors.


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Home Sum Insured Services

  • Insurance ​Rebuild estimates for Residential & Commercial Properties by Qualified Professionals, at affordable prices


June 2014

Click here for some tips, if you are looking for a service provider to carry out your sum insured assessment. 

Big Insurance Changes for Homeowners


TV3 Campbell Live - 27 May 2013

There has been a major change to home insurance, a change we believe many people know nothing about.

Home Insurance is Changing - Do you know the cost of your rebuild?


TVNZ Fair Go - 29 May 2013


If Mr & Mrs Jones try and estimate the cost of rebuilding their house, they are going to get it wrong.

Dont be Mr & Mrs Jones


Quantity Surveyors are the best placed to undertake the service, but be careful of unqulaified providers trying to bridge the gap as (Qualified) Quantity Surveyors are in very short supply.

The Sum Insured Challenge


Stuff.co.nz Fairfax Media - 16 June 2013



Drone Technology - August 2014


HSI's holding company Aotearoa Quantity Surveying (AQS) has invested in drone technology as of August 2014 to add to its already strong IT capability resulting in enhanced services for its Customers. We again lead the way with our IT capability. AQS has purchased various drones to help assessors with difficult areas of accessibility, assets include rovers for underfloor inaccessible areas to flying drones with HD recording ability. You will start to see these in our assessments from September 2014.



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Estimated the potential cost of rebuilding your home? Find out what to do next. Adjust your Sum Insured by contacting your insurer or look for more support.

What is Sum Insured?

Need a sum insured value?

Sum Insured Rebuild cover

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Understand What The Changes To House Insurance May Mean For You.

Sum insured for your home

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Are you sum insured?


Already tried Rebuild Calculators? Find out the real Sum Insured Value

Sum Insured Valuations - suminsureddirect.co.nz‎

Estimated the potential cost of rebuilding your home? Find out what to do next. Adjust your Sum Insured by contacting your insurer or look for more support.

Our Home policies provide cover for the cost to rebuild your home up to a Sum Insured. This means, in the event of a total loss (a loss that requires the complete  ...

Therefore, if the cost of rebuilding your home exceeds this maximum cap. (called thesum insured), then your insurance company will only pay the costs up to the ...

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Vero - square metre to sum insured

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House insurance is changing & will now be based on the rebuild cost of your home.This is called your 'Sum Insured'. Find out more from AA Insurance.


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